Course Prerequisite
More To Life Weekend

Living Springs, near Christchurch, New Zealand
Street/Google Address: 218 Bamfords Rd, Allandale 8971, New Zealand

Course Times
Registration: Sunday, 7 October from 3 pm to 6 pm
Course starts: Sunday, 7 October at 7 pm
Course ends: Saturday, 13 October at midnight
Departure: Sunday, 14 October after breakfast

New Zealand & Australia
Deposit NZD 500
Early 2,550 31/10/2017
Mid 2,850 30/07/2018
Full 3,500 7/10/2018
Discounted 1,950 7/10/2018
Team 950

Deposit USD 350
Early Fee 1,895 30/07/2018
Full Fee 2,350 7/10/2018
Discounted 1,400 7/10/2018
Team 625

Deposit GBP 250
Early Fee 1,450 30/07/2018
Full Fee 1,850 7/10/2018
Discounted 950 7/10/2018
Team 475

Deposit ZAR* 3,750
Early Fee 12,500 30/07/2018
Full Fee 18,500 7/10/2018
Discounted 9,500 7/10/2018
Team 8,500

Flights are not included in the tuition cost. Travel to and from Christchurch will be your responsibility as individuals and/or as a group; a shuttle bus from Christchurch to the venue and back will be available at a fixed, low rate.

Cancellation Fees
Deposit is retained, plus:

90+ day cancellation
150 NZD
100 USD
75 GPB
700 RSA (ZAR*)

60-89 day cancellation
350 NZD
250 USD
150 GPB
1,400 RSA (ZAR*)

30-59 day cancellation
650 NZD
450 USD
300 GBP
2,800 RSA (ZAR*)

30 day cancellation
950 NZD
700 USD
450 GBP
4,200 RSA (ZAR*)

Payment Plans
Option 1: Pay the applicable fee in one payment

Option 2: Pay the deposit, 1st instalment by 1 May 2018 and the balance by no later than 1 September 2018.

International Payments: All international payments are facilitated by PayPal,

* RSA fees will be invoiced in NZD as PayPal does not support ZAR transactions The Early fee remains available for new MTL students for 4 weeks following completion of their training.

For questions, please contact Donna Southwick | WOW2018 Training Supervisor:  |  +64 21 764 405

Ann McMaster, Gerry Moline, Clare Vivian-Neal – More To Life Senior Trainers


Way of a Warrior is an extraordinary emotional, physical and spiritual challenge that takes you all the way into your deepest and most authentic self, assists you in bringing yourself to the genuine challenges that you have in your life, and delivers you to new and profound possibilities. It is about bringing your body, mind and spirit together in service of your higher purpose.

You will share six of the most powerful days of your life with like-hearted people from all over the world. This Residential course is held at least once a year in different locations from New Zealand to South Africa, to the United States and United Kingdom.

Together, we work to re-kindle your vision for your life while being encouraged and supported by others. You will discover that the only true foe is the negativity and resignation that haunt our minds. Life calls us to more noble and fulfilling goals, into being our deepest and most authentic selves, as well as an integral part of the world community. Way of a Warrior is an experience of that awakening of your vision - and more.

It’s all about “Yes!”

Embracing our lifeshocks as awakening agents:

  • Sloughing off learned pretences
  • Answering the compelling urges of our heart
  • Standing for the truth firmly and resiliently
  • Saying yes when we mean yes, no when we mean no
  • Being ultra-clear about what we will/won’t tolerate
  • Responding to each moment with integrity
  • Trusting our own innate goodness
  • Knowing absolutely that we belong, we matter
  • Accepting that we don’t run the universe
  • Willing to play Our Part in the big scheme of things

At Way of a Warrior, we practice the warrior's creed from Lao Tzu: “six times down, seven times up.” Proving yet again the resilience of the human spirit to rise again, stronger, wiser than before.

The format:
Each morning begins with movements to awaken and restore your body. You will greet each day in the fresh air as you awaken your bodies and hearts in shared movements and exercise.

You’ll meet in general session for exploration and engagement. Afternoons and evenings follow different patterns of individual processing or writing, partner work or large-group exercises. Each day will deepen and expand your previous work. And you will explore the power of your choices to live at your best—your highest and most noble self.

On Day Five, you’ll participate in a special exercise which will give you the opportunity to practice everything you’ve learned throughout the week. Yes, it is unique! It is about purpose and much, much more. In fact, it’s all about Yes!

Other Course Dates: