ONLINE Open Access Webinar | Removing the Mask

Course Times
Thu 11 November 2021 7:30pm - 9:30pm (NZ) 5:30pm - 7:30pm (Aus)



For questions please contact
Yemma Barsanti | | 027 568 0139

Beth McAlpine | Associate Trainer

About this Event

This is an interactive and experiential webinar. Together, we will explore tools that assist us to see ourselves and reveal what is hidden. Further exploration will open us up to why we hide behind masks and what the cost of doing so is in our lives. Simple processes, pair and group shares will provide a safe environment for us to reveal what is hidden, so that we may live freely and openly in the braveness of vulnerability.

Open Access/Public Workshop. Open to everyone, no prerequisite.


Led by MTL Trainer Candidates & Associates, these are open-access webinars for everyone to enjoy, focussing on different themes in life which give us an emotional reaction.

We especially welcome non-students to attend, so please feel free to share this invitation with anyone you may want to invite into the More To Life Programme.

What will they offer?

  • A light exploration into the way we live our life when things come in and challenge us.
  • Our intention is to get some understanding and perspective about our part in those experiences and our reactions to them.
  • Opportunities to interact and contribute as well as an exercise to get involved with and notes to take away with you.

Provisional Topics 2021:

  • Removing the Mask
  • Anger, Passion and Compassion
  • Parenting during the Pandemic
  • Bouncing Back
  • Finding Expression through Art
  • Keeping your Word


Other Course Dates:

  • ONLINE Open Access Webinar | Removing the Mask

    11 Nov
    Online | NZ/AUS Times

    New Zealand